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AAU – Atelier d’ Architecture et d’Urbanisme (Workshop of Architecture and Planning) Athanasios Zoulias has been in operation since 1980 (initially under the name of “Athanasios Zoulias’ Office of Architectural and Planning Studies”).

Its activities can be divided into these areas:

  1. Architectural Studies (houses, industrial buildings, office buildings, shopping centers, etc.)
  2. Construction projects implementation studies
  3. Planning Studie s
  4. Land-surveying, Environmental Studies, Research-Contests
  5. Development Consultants, Technical Advisors, Real-estate Management & Development,
  6. Financing
  7. Construction, Construction Overseeing, Renovations

The rapid growth of the Workshop in the area of constructions led to the creation of the firm of special architectural studies & constructions “Athanasios Zoulias & associates – Construction Company”