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AAU-Athanase Zoulias is an architectural company that designs homes and estates for wealthy and affluent clients around the world. We encourage you to look around our site for samples of our work. When you are looking to staff your AAU-Athanase Zoulias designed home, please take a look at The Wellington Agency for staffing choices.

The tradition among middle and upper class families of employing domestic staff for different household choirs dates back hundreds years or more, and provide wonderful time-saving value for their employers who’re busy taking care of their jobs, travelling, or attending business interests.

Every domestic staff had specific responsibilities, for example doing the laundry, taking proper care of the seniors, errands, cooking, setting the table within the proper order, dusting the furnishings, washing the bathroom and kitchen among other responsibilities, sometimes designated by gender. A butler along with a family chauffeur were functions done only by men, while child-rearing responsibilities were only made by women.

And in finding a housekeeper or any domestic staffs, it is always recommended to use a reputable staffing agency. The housekeeper agency could possibly be the one you’ll need for your assistant needs. Before coming to that particular one agency, you have to choose your need as well as your budget. Later on, make time to go swimming with a sea of knowledge online about agencies. You may choose among a lot of options, however, you just have one. To get the best, you have to also provide the very best capabilities to inquire.

Here is a prime example of an excellent NYC domestic help agency. Their expertise and excellence is evident in the way they train and place domestic staff for affluent clients around the world. Visit the site at

One of the staffing agency that you can use is The Wellington Agency. Its domestic staffing help NYC can provide you different well trained professional household staffs, such as a nanny, butler, personal assistant, estate manager, or other type of domestic care taker.

For The Wellington Agency, it’s important additionally that they commit to memory all labor standards and immigration methods so you can rely on them. This is actually the service you are having to pay for since it is difficult to do it alone, better hire a company that really knows the task.

With all of housekeeper agencies, money talk is really a top issue. It is crucial that they provide you with a precise figure already for your needs. You’re also asking each one of these because investing must provide you with something in exchange, you sure don’t wish to waste your hard gained money.

Because you are the household manager, you’re the employer as well as your decision would be the one which the housekeeper agency and maid will respect. Keep asking until you are confident with your choices. Remember that you’re ensuring to employ the best agency to employ the best person. Being on the top from the chain, you have to be the best.

For many years now, The Wellington Agency continues to be effectively aiding different affluent clients using their domestic service staffing needs. Our domestic help agency NYC is becoming acknowledge and grown to be one of the leader in our industry. Our attention to details, special attention and genuine care that people tell our clients is exactly what sets us apart. We work with families who are looking for a domestic staff on one-on-one basis to ensure that each candidate we present matches all your job needs, not only some.

Probably the most useful and efficient domestic assistant agency is all about supplying memorable, existence-altering encounters to everybody. Get maids, nannies, housekeepers, domestic helpers, caregivers, drivers, personal chefs and much more who are able to certainly improve lives.